The acronym LIAC stands for: "Latinorum Investigatorum de Arteriis Colloquium"

The Latin Society for Vascular Research, LIAC, is a working group devoted to:

- improving the quality of basic and applied research in all areas of vascular biology

- enhancing communications between chemists, engineers, biologists and clinicians involved in these disciplines throughout the Latin world

- promoting joint or coordinated projects within the framework of European Union.

The LIAC focuses on all the scientific approaches regarding the blood vessels. The scientific covered fields include structural biology, biophysics, biochemistry, tissue engineering, biomaterials, genetic and molecular biology, cell and tissue biology, pathologies and therapeutics.

Every year the LIAC organises a Meeting in one of the four European countries that are represented in the scientific committee: France, Italy, Portugal and Spain.

Official languages of the Meeting are French, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish. Any of the official languages can be used for lectures and oral communications, but text on presentation slides and abstracts must be in English.

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